I recently received an invitation to visit The Organic Emporium at Bryanston Shopping Centre. Amongst the array of fresh produce and convenient ready meals I found the most incredible selection of meat. The biggest lamb chops, plump chickens and beautiful beef.

Organic Emporium owner, Debbie Logan, is passionate about beef and where it comes from. Debbie partners with farmers who apply sustainable practices to their beef farming.

I am very particular that I only ever want wholly veldt grazed beef in my store with no supplementation whatsoever, that I don’t want to eat baby cows and want mature cattle that have been on the veldt for at least 3 years.

What cows are fed influences the quality of the meat produced. We hear and see terms such as grass-fed and grain-fed. But what do these terms mean and what impact does it have on us, the consumers?

Cows start off drinking their mother’s milk as calves, and they roam happily in the grasslands. The grain-fed cows are left in the grasslands and when they are a year old they are moved to feedlots. Here they are fed grain based foods (usually maize). Because of the unsanitary conditions of these feedlots, the cows are given antibiotics as well as hormones to boost their growth. From there the cows are moved to a factory for slaughtering.

Grass-fed cows start off the same but are then left to graze in the grasslands, consuming a natural diet.

The benefits of eating grass-fed beef include less total fat, more omega-3 fatty acids and more antioxidants.

Debbie recently shared a post that takes the grass-fed movement to another level and at The Organic Emporium, they not only stock grass-fed beef, but beef that has been grown in a holistic manner using sustainable farming methods. For more information I recommend you read Debbie’s post.

I tried some of the meat from the store and I was impressed with it. Next time you prepare chicken or beef that is not grass-fed, pay attention to the water that is discharge from the meat. Most likely, it will be a substantial amount. With the grass-fed meat, I lost very little weight during the cooking process. What I prepared was all meat and was packed with flavour. I felt like I was tasting the actual meat for the first time in ages.

The good news is that if you’re based in Johannesburg North you can benefit from the convenient delivery service offered by The Organic Emporium. Debbie knows the farms personally where she sources her meat for the store. She knows where it comes from and the practices that are applied at the farm. She stands by her suppliers and that says a lot about the quality of the meat.

We received a hamper from The Organic Emporium which included chicken and beef, however, we have since purchased meat on our own account as we believe in the quality of the meat being sold.