With spring in full swing and summer on the way, there’s something that we’ll all be looking for over the weekends; cool places with interesting drinks and fresh foods. Nowhere will you find this more than Urbanoligi in the heart of Joburg, in the Mad Giant Brewery at 1 Fox.

Urbanologi - Fried Pork Belly

Urbanologi – Fried Pork Belly

Urbanologi’s spring menu is all about taking fresh ingredients and getting the perfect combination of flavours from what is on offer. The focus of the new menu is on one thing and one thing only: Taste! It is all about taste. If it does not have a natural explosion of flavour it is not worth the effort. The senior chefs embark on regular “field trips” to various suppliers and producers ensuring the best possible produce for their dishes.

The new spring menu has 22 items of which 12 is vegetarian to not only provide vegetarian friendly items for clients but also to showcase how explosive and interesting greens can be made in the Urbanologi way.

Urbanologi - Cured Chokka Wings

Urbanologi – Cured Chokka Wings

The menu is split up into six categories (Raw, fried, kushiyaki, steamed, cured and frozen) all served as tapas styled dishes perfect for sharing. You’ll find Asian favourites infused with local flavours in every course, from starters to the desserts. Starter dishes are found in the raw, fried, steamed and cured categories with all of these being prepared in bright flavourful ways with our favourites being the Fried Pork Belly with Butternut puree over cucumber and smoked peanuts or the Pickled Chokka Wings (Local squid wings) with coriander pesto and orange puree – The pork belly might even feature on my list of all-time favourites with its smoked peanuts and tamarind sauce.

The mains – Kushiyaki which is an Asian styled grilled meat on a skewer is full flavoured dishes made with the freshest and boldest ingredients sourced from the local community. Favourites include roasted lamb rump with rose geranium poached peach and baby spinach or spider steak covered in shimeji mushrooms. Desserts feature innovative and interesting local favourites reimagined and even some out-there concepts to round out an unforgettable culinary experience, from ginger Malva pudding to banana malt mousse coupled with salted pistachio crumble or even lemongrass and pineapple sorbet covered with candyfloss.

Urbanologi - Banana Malt Mousse

Urbanologi – Banana Malt Mousse

Being that the restaurant is housed in the Mad Giant brewery you would be correct in guessing that the dishes are created to be paired with beers fresh from the brewery. You will also be able to order tasting plates with up to 7 different 100ml tasters from the brewery to explore all that is on offer from Mad Giant and then choose your favourite from there. If you prefer wine you’d be glad to hear that most wines are from Waterkloof Estate all organically made.

To be honest this is something you definitely want to experience for yourself, and with the restaurant being housed on the 1Fox precinct you will not only have an amazing meal but you’ll have an unrivalled inner city experience in the scenic Johannesburg city center.

Urbanologi - Lamb Rump

Urbanologi – Lamb Rump

Urbanologi - Steamed Dumplings

Urbanologi – Steamed Dumplings