The Hama-Rikyu Gardens in Tokyo were officially opened to the public in 1946. In 1952 they were named a great cultural and historically valued area.

The surrounding gardens feature colourful flower fields and giant peony gardens, even boasting a 300 year old pine tree.



Hama-Rikyu Tea House


Perched on a little island called Nakajima, is a picture-perfect tea house, built in 1707. Leave your shoes behind and escape inside this traditional house and make yourself comfortable.

Sado is a traditional tea ceremony whereby Matcha Tea is served – Bowls of green tea made from the crushed tea leaves, mixed with water to make a foam on top. Very bitter tea, but then again, the japanese are known for not being big consumers of sugar or sweets.

To balance the bitterness, Wagashi (Confectionery made from plant ingredients such as azuki bean paste, fruits and mocha) is served. After the bitterness of the tea, the bean paste actually tasted quite sweet!



Green Leaf Tea


The beauty of the surrounds and the serenity inside the tea house made Japan one of my favourite places to visit.

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