With winter in full effect in Johannesburg, some of us might find it quite hard to brave the frosty night air and go to out for dinner, luckily with the likes of The Local Kitchen Co. this will be a whole lot easier.

The Local Kitchen Co - Deep Dish Pecan Nut Pie

The Local Kitchen Co – Deep Dish Pecan Nut Pie

This eclectic little restaurant in the heart of Bryanston hosts the most creative interior, ranging from the planters on the wall to some interesting light shades made from old kitchen utensils.  But the main reasons I love the restaurant as a favourite for winter options (excluding the food of course) is the fact that they have comfy couch seating inside and even a woodfired pizza oven to make sure that you don’t even notice that it’s winter.

There is also a patio outside where you can spend days in the sun enjoying the fresh air and having a couple of good craft beers or a glass of wine if that is more your taste.

The Local Kitchen Co - Deep fried Pulled Pork Ravioli

The Local Kitchen Co – Deep fried Pulled Pork Ravioli

The main reason you will be coming back, however, will definitely have to be the food.  Bold flavour combinations done in classic comfort food style dishes ranging from Italian to Asian and American. Yet the menu isn’t too big, so you know that everything that they do, they do well and there are two menu options available going from Breakfast/Lunch into Dinner as well as a Chefs menu that won’t disappoint.

The starters are all exciting little dishes each being just different enough to make sure that you want to try everything. There’s Thai mussel soup, Bobotie samosas and Deep-fried ravioli filled with BBQ Pulled Pork and coated in Parmesan, so each one something out of the ordinary but delicious.

The Local Kitchen Co - B52 Burger

The Local Kitchen Co – B52 Burger

For the mains the dishes are a bit homier, you get classic dishes with bold and interesting flavours anyone will love.

We had the B52 Bomber Burger which is a classic American style burger with all the toppings one would ever require; from cheese, jalapeno, bacon BBQ sauce and more. The Asian Beef salad is a must try if you’re working on the summer body. This salad is bursting with flavour and exciting ingredients working together to make sure this will be a future favourite.

The desserts are similar to the mains in that it is well loved classic dishes in big portions and big flavours.

To be honest, this will always be a safe bet, you might not get the most elaborate or unusual dishes but you can bring anyone to this restaurant and be sure that you and your people will leave satisfied and smiling. Most probably returning again and again and even ordering out if live nearby.

The Local Kitchen Co - Bread & Butter Pudding

The Local Kitchen Co – Bread & Butter Pudding