The Hunt for the Winter Red

The Hunt

The only hunting i condone – hunting for that perfect red wine!

I was recently invited to The Hunt for the Winter Red. A fundraising evening to raise money for The Lunchbox Fund.

This initiative is a Non-profit organization dedicated to providing a daily meal for extremely poor and at-risk school children in South Africa. A powerful motivator for impoverished parents to send their children to school.

The event was sponsored by Zomato & Franco International and hosted at the gorgeous Wunders – a furniture and interior design store. Beautiful pieces of furniture, artwork and sculptures by Anelle Styne and Janko De Beer were the perfect backdrop for this ladies-only event.

The Hunt

The Hunt

The Hunt

Wines from estates such as Idiom, Andy Mitchell, Oneiric, Topaz, Whale Haven, Richard Kershew, Catherine Marshall & Radford Dale were available to try and they were all really delicious.

The Hunt

My favourites of the evening have to be the Radford Dale Black Rock & The Catherine Marshall Amatra Merlot. I am a great fan of Idiom as well, but I never had the opportunity to go back and try their wines.

The Radford Dale Black Rock is a very sexy wine and something different from the usual Chocolate Block when choosing a gift. It has a rich flavour and leaves a wonderful lingering after-taste.

What I like most about evenings such as these (apart from raising money for a good cause) is being introduced to different varieties of wine and having the opportunity to speak to the estate representatives and hear the history of the wine.

When visiting the Cape, I always try to visit as many wine farms as I can so that I can learn more about the exciting world of wine out there.

We were treated to some delicious Paella thanks to Tutto Food Company. The vegetarian paella featured a variety of delicious exotic mushrooms along with some truffle oil and was by far my favourite.

The Hunt

While all this was taking place, the duo of Christoff and David from Beukes & Delaney were our live entertainment. They were great entertainers, and even featured a violin every now and then. It added an unusually lovely sound to the evening.

The important part of the evening was the fact that R25 000 was raised for the Fund. Considering that only a small group of people were invited – this is phenomenal.

This money will go a long way to helping kids receive nutritious meals, help their bodies and minds grow and at the same time ensuring they receive an education to build themselves a good life.

Visit The Lunchbox Fund to find out how you can get involved by donating or even volunteering your time.

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