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Chef James Diack talks to us about farm to table and his new venture, The Federal

I walk into Coobs and immediately spot Chef James Diack. I’m a little starstruck by the man who is leading the farm to table movement in South Africa. It takes me a few moments to gather myself. Our coffee arrives and we sit down to chat food. I furiously scribble notes but get distracted by…

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Restaurant Mosaic – the time I made my own fine dining cake

Restaurant Mosaic is one of the restaurants that is on any foodie’s South African restaurant bucket list. Chef Chantel┬áDartnell has won SA’s Chef of the Year award and the incredible menus she puts together showcases her manly talents. When you see images of Chantel’s food, you wonder if it could be real? Art on a…

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Bergbron Plaaskombuis en Padstal

Bergbron Plaaskombuis en Padstal

One of the best parts of a road trip is the little “padstal” (farm stall) stops along the way. The preserves made by the Tannies, the freshly baked goodies and hearty wholesome food. Thanks to Bergbron Plaaskombuis en Padstal, you no longer have to wait for your next trip to experience the pleasure of farm…

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Cube Tasting Kitchen

Cube Tasting Kitchen

Cube has been on my wish list since I first heard about it. But a place so high in demand, that recommends you set aside at least 3 hours for the experience, isn’t easy to get into. We made our booking in the beginning of October! With every moment that passed, as the reservation drew…

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Restaurant Guide in Your Pocket with Zomato

If you’re an observant reader you would have noticed the black block on the right hand side with the small photo of me. If you click on the image, you’ll be taken to the Zomato website. I’ve downloaded the Zomato App and have it on my phone to use whenever we’re out and looking for…

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