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Rhino Tears Wine – the perfect summer pair

Rhino Tears Wine – the perfect summer pair

In case you haven’t noticed, summer has definitely arrived. We’ve skipped spring and hit the heat head on! To me, this means more outdoor meals with friends. Lazy afternoons eating too much and enjoy a few glasses of wine with people who make you laugh! While we’re enjoying these moments, let’s support a worthy cause…

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The Skottel Braai

The Skottel Braai

As load shedding hits South Africa in full force, many are looking at alternate ways to prepare their food. The braai is the first option that springs to anyone’s mind. But let’s not forget the classic skottel braai. The gas operated device now has different fittings (such as a grill and paella pan) but the…

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It’s a braai Fiesta! Chilli and Lime Chicken Wings {Recipe}

Limes are one of my favourite flavours at the moment. I’m loving the freshness, the sharpness, how they’re just so different from lemons. I also love a chicken wing with a good bite, a bit more spice. This gives me a great excuse to drink a cool cocktail. In the celebration of spring (and the…

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Taking a classic to the braai – Sage and Onion Chicken Wings {Recipe}

I grew up not liking chicken wings. I never ordered them in restaurants. I wasn’t particularly keen on them. Then I met my husband and tasted his family’s famous chicken wings. Sceptical at first, I tentatively dished up one wing and nibbled away. It was good. It didn’t change my life but I didn’t dislike…

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Braai, The Beloved Country

MrB saw me drooling over the Coconut & Coriander Chicken from The Creative Pot and he asked what was going on. He’s been so supportive during other food adventures, he immediately realised something was up. I explained that it’s all part of the “Braai, the beloved country” event hosted by Cook Sister. He decided that…

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