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One of life’s greatest pleasures is a lazy Sunday morning preferably with breakfast in bed. And since it’s Sunday and I’m taking it easy, I love to indulge in a breakfast treat. Having waffles is usually reserved for a breakfast out and it’s not something I ever get to enjoy at home. The frozen pre-packaged ones just don’t taste the same. That’s why I was delighted to find out about Royal Belgian Waffles! These are made by hand using good quality ingredients including pearl sugar shipped from Belgium. You can order them online and have them delivered to you (the prices are really good). The waffles stay fresh for up to two weeks if kept in the fridge. If you freeze them, they keep for 2 months. But I doubt they’ll last that long. Certainly not in my house. Royal Belgian Waffles 3

I suspect waffles may be my next breakfast trend. As Carine recommended, I popped the Royal Belgian Waffles in the toaster and drizzled one with honey, the second one was topped with blueberries and the last one I made savoury. For the savoury waffle, I simply melted cheese on top and it was wonderful! Royal Belgian waffles come in three sizes – large, small and bite size. They fit perfectly into a standard toaster. You can eat them as is (which is a delight in itself) or heated in your oven or toaster. My house was filled with the aroma of waffles – not a bad start to a Sunday morning. The waffles tasted like a piece of Europe. I loved the subtle sweetness and the soft crunch of the sugar.


Royal Belgian Waffles are offering Tables and Thyme readers a 10% when ordering 30 of the small Royal Belgian Waffles via their online shop. There are 10 vouchers available – please email me for your voucher code. (Claudine(at) Vist the Royal Belgian Waffles website and join their Facebook Page

*This unpaid review is based on the products I received and the opinions are my own

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