Ever get to a restaurant and not know what to order? ROSTO will make this easier; simply order everything on the menu and share! This is not your everyday Italian Restaurant. Rosto is an Italian roastery that specialises in Italian street foods, wood burn rotisserie free-range chicken, meatballs and stoneground flour focaccia.

rosto Chicken

ROSTO Linden

Starting with the chicken, this is an instant favourite with 3 varieties of flavours: Sundried Tomato, Peperoncino and Aglio (the spicy one) – Mediterranean herbs and Sorrento Lemon (the mild one) – Mountain Herbs and Parmigiano Reggiano (the full flavour one). Literally something for every taste.

There is no shortage of great items on the menu, of course they are famous for their great roast chicken, but there is so much more to choose from: our favourite starters range from Chickpea starters (different than anything you’ve ever had yet so good!), Arancino (Rice Croquette filled with the likes of spinach, ham and provolone or Butternut and smoked mozzarella) or traditional Focaccia in an array of flavours.

Rosto meatballs

ROSTO Lamb and Pistachio meatballs

Main courses range from traditional kinds of pasta, meatballs and chicken dishes. Even with the chicken being the main focal point on the menu I will definitely recommend the meatball workshop; at the top of this list is one of my personal favourites the Lamb and Pistachio meatballs in ROSTO sugo (Italian tomato sauce) covered in pecorino cheese.

There is also a couple of unique pasta offerings available with rich authentic Italian tastes and beautiful salads and slaws – also all made with their own store made products and bold tastes.

ROSTO Linden

ROSTO Starter selection


Desserts will give you a range of classic Italian flavours with their own twists on this (of course all made in-store). You can expect anything from fresh homemade Semifreddo ice cream topped with salted caramel crust to bright Tiramisu and delectable Panna Cotta.

ROSTO has an amazing feel and vibe to it, and to make things even better; everything on their menu is made fresh instore or specially selected from the Jozi community. They can also make your life a bit tastier by selling you their own store made products from their “retail” department in the restaurant.

AperiTea - alcoholic iced tea

AperiTea – alcoholic iced tea

If you find yourself in the Linden area this is something you would not want to miss, even if you’re only looking to have a snack and some drinks you won’t be disappointed. From alcoholic iced tea “AperiTea” to craft gins and home-made sodas; there is something for everyone and this is definitely the kind of place you would want to go to kick off your weekend.

ROSTO also hosts a list of specials like Aperitivo/Italian happy hour; where you get selected drinks for half price every Wednesday and Friday from 3-6pm and La Porchetta/Deboned pig cooked on the ROSTO wood-fire rotisserie on Thursdays and Sundays.

ROSTO Seriously good chicken

ROSTO Seriously good chicken