Rhino Tears Wine – the perfect summer pair

Rhino Tears summer days

In case you haven’t noticed, summer has definitely arrived. We’ve skipped spring and hit the heat head on! To me, this means more outdoor meals with friends. Lazy afternoons eating too much and enjoy a few glasses of wine with people who make you laugh!

While we’re enjoying these moments, let’s support a worthy cause too.

South Africans are aware of the plight of our precious rhinos. The birth rate of these creatures is on it’s way to being surpassed by the poaching rate. This means we’re losing more rhinos than are being born. We could be the generation responsible for the extinction of one of our Big 5.

Supporting a cause that’s on the frontline fighting for rhinos is a tough decision. Where is your money going? Are we really helping the rhinos? Unite Against Poaching works closely with SANParks and the Rangers on the ground to support them in the fight. Enter a national park and you will see their presence. Although a very quiet, unseen organisation, they are actively making a difference.

Mt Vernon wines have partnered with Unite Against Poaching and released two very easy drinking wines under the brand Rhino Tears. R15 from every bottle sold goes towards saving the rhinos.


Rhino Tears Rhino Red

Rhino Tears Chenin Blanc


Both wines are ready to drink and ideal for someone who wants to enjoy the wine without the wait.

The crisp Rhino Tears Chenin Blanc paired well with some seafood and salad on the braai. But it wasn’t overwhelmed by the meat either. Ideal for someone who prefers an ice cold white wine with a zesty finish.

The red Rhino Tears wine is a  pleasant blend of Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinotage and the berry tones paired well with the meat as well as the spicy tomato. It’s easy to enjoy a few glasses beyond the meal, especially if you’re planning a rich chocolatey dessert.

Rhino Tears Red wine

Rhino Tears white wine

Rhino Tears summer spread

Rhino Tears are affordable and easy drinking – perfect for the social summer days and nights. If your local retailer doesn’t have stock, order online and benefit from case prices. Enjoy Rhino Tears knowing that you are contributing to a cause and supporting our beautiful rhinos.


The rhino in this picture was poached in 2013. It’s up to us to prevent this from happening to existing rhinos.