Consumers are working harder than ever before.

Consequently, when it’s time to relax and enjoy their free time catching up with friends, they want to do it with quality food and a great vibe surrounded by a beautiful space.

Mizu will give them just that.


Crisp white lines accentuated by a beautiful backlit bar; the relaxing jewel tones of cool blue lull you into a mediterranean mind-set. You almost expect to find the waves lapping the shore while you sip your chilled champagne cocktail.


Mizu is a champagne, oyster and sushi bar situated on the upper level of Primi Piatti, in the Lifestyle Centre – Randpark Ridge.

Our friend Laura invited us out for an evening of indulgence and decadence.


An array of bubbly cocktails are available on the menu – every one sounding nicer than the one before. I would love to challenge myself to working my way through every cocktail on that menu. Mizu would create a wall of fame and I could be on it!


But I digress … The oysters on the night were simply divine. I could have gorged myself on them all night. Simply garnished with lemon juice, black pepper and some green tabasco sauce, it was akin to taking in a glorious mouthful of the ocean – but without the saltiness – simply refreshing and satisfying.


The sushi is really good. The salmon salad (as well as other variations) was beautifully presented in a round glass ball. I always find rice bland, but Mizu have a special trick – a hint of vinegar in the rice for some subtle flavour.


Sticking to traditional fare such as salmon roses, sashimi and California rolls (post 1960s) they did a great job of keeping it simple and let the food do the talking – the sushi purists would have been happy.

Book your next birthday party or big promotion celebration – or make up any special occasion – you won’t be disappointed. The service is friendly & unobtrusive and staff are properly trained.

All in all, I had a wonderful evening. Attribute it to all the champagne quaffing, or the aphrodisiac properties of the oysters, or perhaps it was simply the great company, either way, it is worth the drive out.

Thank you to Mizu, Ash and Laura for hosting us for the night. Your hospitality was impeccable.

PS: Mizu deserves its’ own private entrance.


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