Lettuce & Lime at Holiday Inn

I was recently invited to a Zomato event at the Holiday Inn Lettuce and Lime restaurant.

The first thing you notice when you walk into the restaurant is the impressive gold fireplace in the entrance.

The restaurant is open and welcoming, and this feature fits the area perfectly.

Lettuce and Lime 1

We were welcomed by the friendly folks at Holiday Inn and given some insight into the recent renovations.

Holiday Inn prides itself on being a family hotel and they have managed to successfully achieve that with the balance of contemporary décor, and warm atmosphere.

The kitchen has been revamped and is now a gorgeous open plan area allowing you to see exactly what masterpieces chef is creating.

There is also a counter-top glass walled oven that bakes the croissants in full view of patrons every morning – what better way to start your day than with a fresh, buttery croissant?

Lettuce and Lime 2

Lettuce and Lime 3

Lettuce and Lime 4

Lettuce and Lime 5

Our starter consisted of a sesame seed chicken salad complimented with avocado & feta cheese.

The chicken was succulently tender while the cheese was creamy and the peppers & tomatoes were crunchy. I enjoyed the different textures the dish offered.

With starters I enjoyed a Chardonnay from the Griffin Range by Stettyn Cellars. I have not heard of this wine before, but I was pleasantly surprised!

Lettuce and Lime 6

For a main meal I enjoyed the 2013 Merlot with my Fillet steak. The Merlot has subtle hints of raspberry and cherry, which combined with the meat & creamy mushroom sauce – makes for a heavenly combination.

Our meat had been cooked Medium for us; I would have preferred medium rare – as I found the medium to be a bit dry for my taste, but that did not stop me from eating it in its’ entirety.

Our side dishes were roasted vegetables and a creamy mash.

Lettuce and Lime 7

Dessert was served next and I think this was the biggest hit at the table; a berry cheese cake with spun sugar.

It looked deceptively sweet, but was not. The cheesecake offered the right degree of sweetness & tartness to end off our meal.

Lettuce and Lime 8

Lettuce and Lime 9

Upon our departure, we were shown 3 impressive chandeliers hanging in reception. These beads had been hand-strung by the employees of the hotel themselves -wow!

Lettuce and Lime 91


Overall, I was very impressed with Lettuce & Lime. The staff and chef are extremely friendly and enjoy engaging in conversation with their guests. The atmosphere is relaxed and warm and the food and wine is very tasty.

Thanks for having us Holiday Inn and Zomato, I had a very pleasant evening.

Written by Tables and Thyme Contributor: Chantelle Le Roux 

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