One of the best parts of a road trip is the little “padstal” (farm stall) stops along the way. The preserves made by the Tannies, the freshly baked goodies and hearty wholesome food. Thanks to Bergbron Plaaskombuis en Padstal, you no longer have to wait for your next trip to experience the pleasure of farm stall delights.

Bergbron Plaaskombuis entrace


Like most of Joburg, we heard about Bergbron via Hello! Joburg magazine. We decided we wanted to try out the good old traditional Afrikaans cooking for ourselves. Generous portions, homemade bread and enamel plates, give Bergbron the feeling that you’ve returned to an old Karoo farm where Ouma is in the kitchen preparing for the next meal. The entire experience is as close to authentic “boerekos” as I’ve experienced in the city.


coffee and menu


Don’t pop in expecting croissants or fancy little portions with micro herb garnishes. This is not what it’s about. It’s not rustic either. It just good food, plain and simple. Yes your Illy coffee is available so you don’t feel too out of touch with the world, but you can also order condensed milk coffee or coffee with a rusk on the side – just like you would enjoy at many homes across South Africa.


coffee and rusk


There’s a delicious homemade ginger beer available on the menu too. You can order a large pitcher and take home what you don’t drink. Just like you would if you were on the road!


ginger beer



Due to a recent influx of visitors, the restaurant is busy. The service is a little slow under the strain of the new popularity but it’s still better than a number of places we’ve been to. Everyone is really friendly and that makes a big difference! The food takes a bit longer than normal to arrive but it’s clearly not pre-made or mass produced and that is always worth waiting for.


home style cooking



We chose a traditional breakfast with eggs, tomato, homemade bread and bacon (but swopped the bacon for sausage) as well as a bobotie vetkoek. Both dishes were packed with flavour, cooked beautifully and filling too.





After a hearty breakfast in proud boerekos style, we received the bill with a few chappies instead of the usual peppermints. Such a creative touch! A quick “did you know?”session and we were off. We browsed the stall and selected a few items to take home with us (jams, rusks, koeksisters). The neighbouring nursery offered a few plants at great prices so we shopped there too.

Bergbron Padstal and Plaaskombuis is well worth a visit. Enjoy a leisurely breakfast or lunch and dream of future road trips!


did you know? chappies


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We visited Bergbron Padstal without invitation and the meal was not sponsored, we paid for the breakfast ourselves. Opinions are entirely our own.