Pretty Dope! Review: Dope Donuts


Krispy Kreme & Dunkin’ Donuts – the two great American donut rivals. They can move over! South Africa has the best donut by far. Meet Dope Donuts. It’s an artisan donut, made in Joburg, by the lovely Elise.


Dope Donuts are delicately light on the inside with a crisp exterior. The different toppings are quirky and delicious. The donuts are delivered on order and arrive as fresh as can be.


We decided that we just had to have a few donuts to celebrate spring. The easiest part was placing the order! We logged onto  Screens were liked, discussions around flavour were had and then the ordering began. Dope Donuts have fun names like The Boonut, Fragile Ego, Battery Acid and Curious George. You just know that each one will be as good as the next so it’s not an easy choice to make.


The order was placed and a few days later Elise arrived at our office with our boxes of donuts. Bright colours and heavenly smells drew the team from their desks as the boxes were opened and the treasures revealed.


Most of the donuts were eaten immediately. You can taste the personal attention. This is by no means a mass produced product with flavourless ingredients. Generously topped with a soft spongy centre, Dope Donuts really are…well….dope!

The ones that made it home (reluctantly) had been ordered for spouses. If you manage to resist the temptation, your donut will last a day or two. But I wouldn’t recommend it. Made to be eaten fresh, it’s best to enjoy Dope Donuts sooner rather than later


Place your order today. And it doesn’t matter which you choose, they’re all equally tasty!

(I tried Curious George, Fragile Ego and The Dope Donut and each one is just luscious!)


Dope Donuts

Dope Donuts

View their menu and order online on The Dope Donut site or visit them at the Fourways Farmer’s Market on Sundays

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