Basil Plant


Basil is a key herb for many food lovers. This beautiful herb as a strong distinctive flavour and is essential is most Mediterranean dishes. We’ve selected a few of our favourite basil based dishes and we’ve shared a few other uses for basil outside of the kitchen.


Basil leaf 2


Our favourite basil dishes

  • Basil pesto. A delicious pizza topping to lift a margherita pizza, the perfect simple pasta flavour, an essential for many bruschetta, basil pesto is kitchen staple.
  • Caprese salad. The crunchy tomato, soft mozzarella and fragrant basil makes this a delightful summertime salad.
  • Speaking of salads, fresh basil or basil vinaigrette both add a fresh flavour to any salad – classic green or pasta based.
  • For summertime fun we love adding basil to a strawberry or lemon granita. It’s also a great cocktail garnish!


Have you tried Thai basil yet? We couldn’t find any in Johannesburg so if you know where we can get some, get in touch


Ways to use basil around the home

  • Keep the bugs away! Here’s a great recipe for a homemade basil based bug-repellant. Perfect for those summer nights.
  • Basil is a great natural remedy for nausea. If you’re feeling a little unwell, add extra basil to your food or make a basil tea.
  • Combine basil and cloves, boil together and you have a homemade cough remedy. For a sore throat, gargle the mixture.
  • Have a headache? A basil facial steam or a basil foot bath will both assist with relieving a headache.


Top tip: The best way to cut basil? Layer a few leaves, roll them up like a cigar and chop away.