MoBurger Night – adding purpose to burgers

I’m sure that you’re all familiar with Movember – the time of the year when the men in our lives grow their moustaches to raise awareness around men’s health. Two years ago when husband told me he was growing his mo I begged him not to. He said he wouldn’t if he reached his goal of raising R1000.00. That’s when the challenge started!

We decided to host a burger night on 1 November 2012 and if we raised enough money, there would be no Mo! We invited friends over and sold out burgers to them. It was a success! In total we had 15 friends show their support and we raised just over R1000.00. And no mo was grown.

In 2013 we set out again to do the same. A few more people showed their support. We received a few donations to help keep the costs down and we raised just over R3000.00. The burgers were a hit! A close friend hosted a burger night in George and she donated another R1000.00 to the cause.

In 2014 we’re going bigger and better!

We’re looking for even more donations to help with the fundraisers – so far we have a beef sponsor, a macaron sponsor and fake moustaches sponsor

Laura is hosting a burger night in George – at Mujo Bar and Restaurant and proceeds will be donated to the team

Kate is hosting a burger night in Durban (not open to the public)

The goal this year? It started as R5000.00 but we’re aiming for R10 000.00

If you would like to support in anyway, please do contact me. You’re welcome to join the Movember team. Or you could host your own burger night and donate to the team. If you would like to make a donation or if you can sponsor ingredients, please do let me know.

As women, we’re aware that we need to examine ourselves frequently. But men are less aware that this is what they need to do. Testicular cancer is the young man’s cancer and affects men between the ages of 19 and 39 years. It’s important that we raise awareness as early detection is key.

For more information, visit the Movember site

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