Bianca Delides

Credit – Karl Horngren


We found Bianca through Instagram and were immediately taken with her gorgeous food styling. The colours are bold and the arrangements are visually appealing. We got chatting to her and loved her immediately.

Enjoy getting to know Bianca a little bit more!


How did you get into food styling?

From a young age, if I wasn’t eating food or talking about food, I was thinking about food.  To explore the idea of pursuing a career in the food industry I found an opportunity to work as a commis chef in a professional kitchen. I worked with an incredible team and the rush of service was exciting but I grew tired of the monotonous daily prep and I really missed the outside world. After realising the cheffing lifestyle wasn’t for me, I started assisting food photographers on shoots to get a sneak peek into the world of food styling. I was offered a position as a food stylist’s assistant and I loved how every shoot was a unique experience where I got to meet new people and learn new food presentation techniques. I had found my ideal career.


Bianca Delides

Credit – Nick Voutsas


What is the biggest challenge you face behind the scenes that nobody is even aware of?

A big part of a food stylist’s job description is problem solving and multitasking and we are confronted with many challenges during pre-shoot preparation and shoot days. Preparing for a shoot often comes with the difficulties of hunting down out of season produce and finding exact props to match the client’s brief, it’s especially tricky on a tight budget. One of the biggest challenges on set is trying to keep hot things hot and cold things cold. Once a dish is presented to the camera it’s a mad race against time to get the perfect shot before the steam dissipates or the greens start to wilt or that perfect scoop of ice cream starts to melt under the hot studio lights.


How has your style changed over time?

Over the past several years food photography has evolved from perfection to reality. I used to worry about styling everything so perfectly and now I find so much pleasure in showcasing the beauty of food in its natural state, crumbs and all. With prop styling, I think it’s important to stay up to date with trends and be able to interpret each client’s need for a particular look and feel however I find that I generally tend to lean toward a rustic, minimalist approach.


Bianca Delides

Credit – Rikki Hibbert


What has been your favourite project to date?

It’s an ongoing project where I develop and style several recipes each month for Karan Beef’s ‘Beef Easy’ app. I enjoy it because I get to be creative with the recipes and really practice the art of cooking beef, plus I have the pleasure of working with a wonderful team.


Any disastrous / funny shoots you want to share with us?

There was one shoot early in my career that I will never forget. I had to sift through 300 burger buns to choose one perfect lid and then using tweezers, stick sesame seeds onto it one by one. I haven’t looked at sesame seeds quite the same way since.


Bianca Delides

Credit – Paulo Toureiro


In an alternate universe, what would your profession be?

I would be a surfer that makes wine or a winemaker that surfs, I really don’t mind which. I wonder if the Badenhorst family or Alphabetical’s David Cope and Simon Wibberley have a job opening.


What gets you out of bed every morning?

It’s usually a combination of my hungry tummy and my dogs Vinny and Kane. It just depends on which wakes up first.


Bianca Delides

Credit – James Strack


What is your favourite meal when dining out?

There are too many delicious things to choose just one. I love dining out to experience new and unusual eats. If it’s strange, I’m ordering it! Does street food count? In Thailand I couldn’t get enough of Green Papaya Salads with Fresh Blue Crab, Crispy Whole Sea Bass in Red Curry Paste and I even tried deep fried bugs…they were delicious. I do have a few comfort food favourites but I always try to order something different and something I wouldn’t ordinarily cook at home.


Bianca Delides

Credit – James Strack


Do you like to cook, if so, what is your signature dish?

Yes, I especially love to cook with my family. They are all great cooks and our quality time together is usually spent in the kitchen or around the dining table. I don’t have a signature dish per say but my signature style is ‘Mexican’. I lived in Baja, Mexico when I was a teenager and my time spent there undeniably impacted me and contributed to who I am today. It’s where I really learnt to appreciate life’s simple joys. Any opportunity to cook or eat a meal with limes, fresh coriander and chillies makes me happy, and yeah…I like it hot!


What is your favourite childhood memory surrounding food?

Growing up my family lived on a large plot which we call ‘the farm’. Our favourite meal to enjoy as a family was mom’s famous chicken stew. The stew’s rich sauce was a rusty red colour and it was the epitome of comfort food. Whenever we would drive down the farm’s dirt road after it had been raining, red soil from the puddles would splash onto the windscreen and we would all shout out ‘CHICKEN STEW!’. That still makes me smile today.


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