Love (at first bite) Box

If you’re in Joburg then you must know The Counter. Residents at Market on Main, Neighbourgoods and a host of other markets and festivals, you have not experienced the Joburg food scene until you’ve tried one of their gooey chocolate brownies. Their burgers are right up there too but we’re not focusing on the savoury items today.

The Counter recently launched their Love Box. A once off or monthly subscription box filled with only the yummiest of The Counter treats – familiar favourites and a few new experiments. And who doesn’t mind a sweet experiment?

Love Box

Love Box -Photo Credit: The Counter

I signed up right away. No need to head down to a market to get my fix of their treats or try something new. No sir! Email, pay and wait for the courier to arrive (promptly!) with my box of goodies. And good it was!

Love Box -Photo Credit: The Counter

Love Box -Photo Credit: The Counter

From order to delivery the process was perfect. The good news? They’re delivering nationwide so my Cape Town lovelies can get in on the goodness too.

The box arrived like an early Christmas present. I don’t think I’ve ever received something so beautifully put together. It took all my self restraint not to dig in straight away. For a pregnant woman this was remarkable! Creative packaging, a funky note as well as a handwritten card all created a feast for the eyes.

We shared the treats and savoured every bite. I purchased more vanilla ice cream for the Salted Caramel Sauce. We carefully planned our indulgences to let the sweetness last without compromising on the freshness and quality. These were not mass produced high in preservative sugar filled items that would last until 2020. No sir, these have been homemade with love and need to be enjoyed with love.

Sign up for your Love Box – all the details are on the website. Trust me, it’s not worth taking your time on this!

(It’s also a great surprise for someone special when they need a little sugar rush)


PS – This what not a sponsored post. I ordered and paid for my Love box out of my own free will. This review is simply to share the goodness that is The Counter’s Love Box. I found something I loved and I am passing it on.