Chilli and Lime Wings

Limes are one of my favourite flavours at the moment. I’m loving the freshness, the sharpness, how they’re just so different from lemons. I also love a chicken wing with a good bite, a bit more spice. This gives me a great excuse to drink a cool cocktail.
In the celebration of spring (and the warmer weather that was), we decided to make frozen margaritas. Chilli and Lime seemed the perfect marriage and since we’re exploring new chicken flavours, we knew what we would be snacking on.

If you’re looking for less bite, use less chillies or remove the seeds.

Chilli and Lime Chicken Wings

12 Chicken Wings
50ml olive oil
3 fresh chillies, chopped
75ml lime juice
4 small limes, quartered
Salt and Pepper

Mix the lime juice and chillies together.
Rub the chicken wings with olive oil and season with salt and pepper.
Pour the chilli and lime mixture over the chicken wings and allow to stand for 30 minutes.
Make sure your grill is pre-heated.
Cook the chicken wings on the grill turning frequently.
The chillies will cook away but the flavour will remain.
Squeeze the quartered limes over the wings for the last punch of lime

Wings on braai