Hussar Grill

Hussar Grill


I am always on the lookout for a great steak. The Hussar Grill have successfully made me a fan after inviting us out for dinner.

Since opening their doors in 1964 in Rondebosch Cape Town, The Hussar Grill has received multiple awards

Only the finest Class-A grain-fed beef and game are served. Meat is wet-aged on site for up to 35 days and is served off or on the bone.

Classics such as Crumbed Camembert, creamy Chicken Livers, Fillet Bearnaise and Hollandse Biefstuk are served. There is fish and poultry for the less carnivorous amongst us.

I can highly recommend starting of with the Bitterballen. At the end of the day, anything crumbed and fried cannot be that bad, but these little meat balls are flavourful and are a good way to whet the appetite.


Hussar Grill

Hollandse Bitterballen


Between the Fillet Béarnaise or the Hollandse Biefstuk, I highly recommend the Biefstuk; Fillet steak studded with black pepper and flambéed in butter and brandy. It is rich due to the butter, but oh so heavenly!

The flavours explode in your mouth and you find yourself closing your eyes to savour the buttery flavour that gives way to the sharper brandy taste.


Hussar Grill

Butter & Brandy Biefstuk


The wine list boasts a wide variety of award winning wines and you are pressed for choice when perusing the vast menu.

As stuffed as we were, we still managed to squeeze in a bit of dessert.

The Chocolate Fondant was a clear winner. A rich chocolatey centre oozing out – what’s not to love?!


Hussar Grill

Chocolate Fondant


The Hussar Grill Ice Cream Dessert disappointed me slightly. It promises nougat, honeycomb, peanut brittle and marshmallows, sprinkled with nuts. The ingredients are all there, but it still felt as if something were missing.

Nevertheless, food is always a personal preference isn’t it?


Hussar Grill


The Hussar Grill promises a night of high quality meat and wine, and I am so very happy that a decent steak restaurant is so closeby.


Hussar Grill


*This meal was sponsored by The Hussar Grill. However, all opinions are our own.