How to Eat a Cupcake


Do you ever try to eat a cupcake and end up with a mouthful of frosting? Or end up with it on your nose and no serviette nearby to wipe up with?

Well according to internet research, there is a better way to eat a cupcake. Think of the little beast as a small hamburger waiting to be assembled and approach it accordingly.


First, remove the cupcake wrapper. The paper looks pretty and keeps the cupcake together. But it’s definitely not tasty!


Holding the top and bottom of the cupcake, twist. The cupcake will naturally separate in the middle.


You’ll now have two pieces of cupcake – the top with the frosting and the bottom.


Place the bottom of the cupcake on top of the frosting. Like a sweet little burger!


Hold it like a sandwich and tuck in!



There you go – that’s how you eat a cupcake! Here’s a handy video in case my instructions don’t make sense.

Of course, you may prefer to eat a cupcake like I do – slowly, one piece at a time. And if you’re at a fancy event, it’s best to use a plate and fork (which isn’t nearly as much fun!)

This red velvet heaven was purchased by myself from Moema’s and is not a sponsored post.