Pulled BBQ Chicken 3

For our weekly burger night I wanted to try something new. Something different. But I didn’t want to blow the budget and I wasn’t ready for something too radical. Oh and husband was studying so I was on dishes duty.

I searched the internet for a few recipes on pulled chicken. The theory seemed sound enough – cook the brown meat at a low temperature for a long time in flavoured liquid. I could do that. Except I didn’t have a long time. My thinking was that chicken doesn’t need that long to cook and I could probably get away with a slightly higher temperature. Roasting an entire chicken takes 45 – 60 minutes. A few thighs would be cooked at a lower temp for about that time.

The result of this dish? scrumptious!

The chicken was cooked perfectly, the flavour was spot on and the meat pulled easily. I paired the burger with a little beetroot and carrot relish I made (since I had some time). Husband was sceptical of the relish and opted for cheese. My hungry student wolfed down two of these babies!

Pulled BBQ Chicken 1

Homemade Pulled BBQ Chicken Burgers

4 skinless chicken thighs
250ml BBQ sauce ( you can use store bought or make your own)
Water as required

Preheat your oven to 160.

In a roasting dish, place your chicken thighs. Cover with BBQ sauce and add water if required. You can be more generous with your BBQ sauce depending on how intense you want the flavour.

Cook the chicken for around 60 minutes until tender. Take the chicken out of the sauce and place on a chopping board. Using two forks, pull the meat apart into thin strips.

If your remaining sauce is a little runny, transfer to a pot and reduce to thicken. Toss the chicken in the BBQ sauce.

Serve hot or cold on rolls with sauce and garnish of your choice.

Pulled BBQ Chicken 2