The vibe of this place is enough for you to want to come back every time, in the heart of Jozi’s CBD you will be transported to a South American country far away, as we both felt for the time we were in Che we were not in Johannesburg anymore.

Che Argentine Grill


And if you think that this might not be the ideal restaurant for a nation that eats just as much grilled meat as the Argentines, you’ll be mistaken as the cuts are mostly different cuts to what we generally braai and eat in South Africa so there’s still a distinct difference in experience.

Generally, I’d jump into the food starting with the starters right about now, but one of the things I loved most about the whole dinner came even before we had starters; the Chimi Churi sauce served with the bread is literally one of the best things I’ve tasted in my life (So much so that I actually got a bottle to take home). This is a delectable mixture of fresh herbs, peppers and olive oil dashed with white wine, absolutely exquisite.

Che Argentine Grill

Che Argentine Grill – EMAPANADAS

Going to the starters we had some of the better empanadas I’ve personally had within South Africa. So much of cheesy goodness with crazy depth of flavours that my only wish was for it to be physically bigger so I could have more before moving on to the main courses.

At this point I noticed a book on the shelves behind us, “A Gringos guide to understanding the Argentinians” that I thought was quite fitting as to the experience as you won’t get much better than authentic Argentine cuisine coupled with Latin American music and otherworldly ambiance to give you an idea of what it would be like to experience Argentina itself.

Che Argentine Grill

Che Argentine Grill – ASADO (Short Ribs)

Going into the mains, we had the Spider steak and short rib; cuts one doesn’t generally see on menus in South African grill houses this made for something out of the norm. Rich cuts of meat that coupled with the above mentioned Chimi Churi sauce becomes a star in it’s own right making it hard not to finish the plate even with cuts being 500g and up.

Finishing off this experience I will urge you to go for all the desserts that you can as literally all of it is exceptional from the White chocolate and yogurt ganache to the caramel filled pancakes with brandy-soaked pears and then everyone’s favourite right now; Churros

Che Argentine Grill

Che Argentine Grill – PANQUEQUE

And like I said on the Chimi Churi sauce, I wasn’t kidding; I got some to take home and I now eat it on everything:

Yes this is just some home made toast and Chimi Churi sauce