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Fire & Feast Butcher’s Festival – Ticket givaway

As most South Africans, I too enjoy nothing more than a good braai and a beer on the weekend. Saying this, I couldn’t have been more excited when I heard about the Fire & Feast Butcher’s Festival. We were fortunate enough to get invited to the event and thought we’d extend the invitation to a few lucky…

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Meg’s Slow Cooker Secrets: Tomato & Wine Chicken

Today we’re sharing the third and final recipe from Meg.  It’s nearly time for her to leave South Africa and to begin her new life in Dublin. We can’t wait to see her try the Irish classics! We love cooking with wine (and sometimes we do add some to the pot as the classic quip…

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Meg’s Slow Cooker Secrets: Butter Chicken Curry

Last week we introduced Meg and her yummy Beef & Stout Stew. This week Meg is sharing her really easy and very tasty Butter Chicken Curry recipe. Once you’ve made this at home, you won’t be reaching for the take out menu quite as often. Meg’s Slow Cooker Secrets: Butter Chicken Curry   Save Print…

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Hot Cross Bun Burger

Hot Cross Bun Burger

  The Hot Cross Bun Burger may not be your usual Easter dish but it’s a nice break from all the sweet treats! The spicy hot cross bun is the ideal backdrop for a chicken burger with a Moroccan slaw. I tried the recipe with buns with and buns without raisins. Both work really well…

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Coq au Vin – Cooking with Wine

Coq au Vin – Cooking with Wine

Welcome back Kara! And just in time for a chilly weekend, Kara shares a delicious wintery dish that will definitely assist in chasing the chills away. If you missed the previous recipes under the “Cooking with Wine” series then be sure to have a look here “Now and then, it is a joy, to have…

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Duck with Asian Mushroom Broth

Duck with Asian Mushroom Broth

  Duck has hit our grocery store shelves and it’s no longer limited to specialist delis. I always enjoy duck when I order it at a restaurant and I am happy to see it appear on so many more menus. No longer limited to Asian pancakes, duck has taken off (I couldn’t resist) and reached…

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Chicken Burgers with Fennel and Pomegranate {Recipe}

Chicken Burgers with Fennel and Pomegranate {Recipe}

  As fennel season comes to an end, I realise that I missed the opportunity to combine fennel with a burger. To rectify this, I decided to try something new with the last of the season’s bulbs. Coming into season is pomegranate and I thought the two combined would be pretty good. Turns out I…

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It’s a braai Fiesta! Chilli and Lime Chicken Wings {Recipe}

Limes are one of my favourite flavours at the moment. I’m loving the freshness, the sharpness, how they’re just so different from lemons. I also love a chicken wing with a good bite, a bit more spice. This gives me a great excuse to drink a cool cocktail. In the celebration of spring (and the…

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Homemade Mediterranean Chicken Burgers {Recipe}

I love a good chicken burger. However, I am not a fan of the “chicken breast” burger and I appreciate the convenience of the ready to go crumbed chicken burger, but it’s not my favourite version. Chicken mince isn’t always available on the shelves of our local grocer. And that’s ok. It’s easy to make…

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Taking a classic to the braai – Sage and Onion Chicken Wings {Recipe}

I grew up not liking chicken wings. I never ordered them in restaurants. I wasn’t particularly keen on them. Then I met my husband and tasted his family’s famous chicken wings. Sceptical at first, I tentatively dished up one wing and nibbled away. It was good. It didn’t change my life but I didn’t dislike…

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