A classic Italian restaurant in every single way adapting to modern times by catering for everyone from the crowd that wants their food delivered to the banting army growing day by day it is easy to see why Cafe Del Sol stood proud as Winner of both Highly Commended and Best Italian eatery in the Eatout Mercedes-Benz Everyday Eateries 2016 awards.

Cafe Del Sol

Italian Primevera Rolls with Parma ham and smoked mozzerella

After winning Best Italian last year for their Classico venue and winning best Italian this year for their Botanico Venue it is safe to say that we simply had to check in, and we were lucky enough to get an audience with Chiara Viljoen the owner and one of the brilliant minds behind their growing success.

Winning basically all the accolades for the Italian category is quite something to live up to and can I tell you, Café Del Sol did not disappoint at all, from the starters to the mains, each and every dish the wait staff brought was better than the previous, simply better than one can expect.

Walking in you can see this is not your everyday corner Italian, but rather a simplistic elegant fine dining establishment. Yet this still feels like a homey environment where you can order the regular and the owner will greet you by name.

Sitting down and having a chat with Chiara you see where this comes from, the first ingredient in each dish is love –literally, go ask the staff, they’ll tell you; the first ingredient is always love.  Quality ingredients, invoking all the senses and a balance of good food, good wine and good people is definitely the key to success and here you will find that the proof is in the pudding , and of course in terms of pudding the Stuffed Croughnuts are an absolute must, croissant pastry donuts with caramel, fresh fruit and nuts. How can you not love it!

We had the opportunity to try an array of dishes and as previously stated each one was better than the previous, my personal favourite is definitely the Gnocchi with gorgonzola sauce and walnut sauce, this is literally the most perfect Gnocchi that I have ever had the privilege of having. Absolute musts to try is the Bolognaise with homemade fresh tagliatelle or the Mediterranean Stuffed Calamari prepared with red peppers, capers, olives and fresh ricotta cheese and served with delicate angel hair pasta & stir fried seasonal vegetables in a silky beurre blanc sauce. If you look at the menu you’ll be able to see that if Chiara had to do anything but Italian she would definitely choose Asian cuisine, and not just from the likes of the stir fry with the stuffed calamari but also from the quite exquisite Italian Primavera Rolls, which is a Deep fried spring roll filled with real imported Parma ham, rocket and smoked mozzarella an absolute must!

Cafe Del Sol Italian Ravioli

Wild Mushroom stuffed Ravioli

All in all true to original Italian dining you will find that you will struggle to find something on the menu that will not make your mouth water, from a perfect little cloud of Gnocchi to the freshest most attractive pasta to intriguing dishes to tickle the fancy like Beetroot Carpaccio with Gorgonzola or Black Sesame Salmon topped with homemade sweet chili and grapefruit on a bed of lemon infused mashed avocado, there is something to suit everyone’s tastes.

And to make life a bit easier for those that has already fell deep into the addiction that is Café Del Sol they have now acquired a food truck and are currently available on UberEATS, so whether it is a Croughnut at an artisanal market or just craving some of the best Italian that you can ever have, be sure to check them out as I can promise you that you won’t be disappointed.