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What’s the beef? Grass fed vs Grain fed

I recently received an invitation to visit The Organic Emporium at Bryanston Shopping Centre. Amongst the array of fresh produce and convenient ready meals I found the most incredible selection of meat. The biggest lamb chops, plump chickens and beautiful beef. Organic Emporium owner, Debbie Logan, is passionate about beef and where it comes from. Debbie partners…

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Lovely Lentils

  We recently shared a lentil based filling for tacos. Based on the responses we realised that a lot of people don’t really know lentils and appear intimidated by them. Today we’re sharing a little bit more about lentils.   First off, let’s talk about the different types of lentils – red, brown and green….

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Oh beautiful Basil!

  Basil is a key herb for many food lovers. This beautiful herb as a strong distinctive flavour and is essential is most Mediterranean dishes. We’ve selected a few of our favourite basil based dishes and we’ve shared a few other uses for basil outside of the kitchen.     Our favourite basil dishes Basil…

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Meg’s Slow Cooker Secrets: Tomato & Wine Chicken

Today we’re sharing the third and final recipe from Meg.  It’s nearly time for her to leave South Africa and to begin her new life in Dublin. We can’t wait to see her try the Irish classics! We love cooking with wine (and sometimes we do add some to the pot as the classic quip…

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Meg’s Slow Cooker Secrets: Butter Chicken Curry

Last week we introduced Meg and her yummy Beef & Stout Stew. This week Meg is sharing her really easy and very tasty Butter Chicken Curry recipe. Once you’ve made this at home, you won’t be reaching for the take out menu quite as often. Meg’s Slow Cooker Secrets: Butter Chicken Curry   Save Print…

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Recipe – Champagne Cupcakes

Champagne Cupcakes are a delightful naughty treat for a special occasion. We love them for a kitchen tea, bridal shower, book club or just because. Make the Champagne Jelly that we shared last week. Bake a batch of Vanilla cupcakes (recipe below) Hollow out the centre of the cupcake and fill with bits of the jelly….

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Meg’s Slow Cooker Secrets: Beef & Stout Stew

Meet Megan from GetFitHappyHealthy a runner, foodie and adventurer! She’s about to leave the sunny skies of Joburg for the city of Dublin. Megan and her husband, have a cute pug, Jack, who will be moving with them. Before Meg leaves for her new adventure, she is sharing three of her favourite slow cooker recipes. Slow…

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Recipe – Champagne Jelly filled Cupcakes

Champagne jelly is the prefect way to use leftover champagne. Now we know you don’t have leftover champagne but in case you do, here’s a great way to use it – as a cupcake filling. Perfect for the next kitchen tea, bridal shower or grown up celebration! How to make champagne jelly: Prepare strawberry flavoured…

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#TacoTuesday with Old El Paso: Vegetarian Tacos

It’s Tuesday and we’re having a vegetarian fiesta thanks to Old El Paso and their new “Stand n Stuff” tacos. These Tacos from Old El Paso are easy to prepare and you can create unlimited amount of fillings to keep it interesting. The taco began its’ humble beginnings in the 18th century, & has been a food staple…

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Chef James Diack talks to us about farm to table and his new venture, The Federal

I walk into Coobs and immediately spot Chef James Diack. I’m a little starstruck by the man who is leading the farm to table movement in South Africa. It takes me a few moments to gather myself. Our coffee arrives and we sit down to chat food. I furiously scribble notes but get distracted by…

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