Meet the Johannesburg Food Bloggers of Tables & Thyme:

Chantelle – Events & Photography




When I was a little girl I used to love baking treats to surprise my grandparents. My grandmother taught me how to bake.

I have never been big into cooking, yet somehow I always find myself in a situation whereby I have to cook. Being a contestant on Dinner Date SA as well as participating in the Blue Ribbon #BTWSB has made me slightly less afraid of the kitchen & more open to accepting challenges that are thrown my way.

I have always loved to eat. My entire family does. I am a fairly picky eater, so I would tend to stick to what I knew … until I became a blogger. My world opened up to the delights of culinary combinations & I became a lot more adventurous in my food choices.

Photography is a hobby of mine & being a food blogger, I am able to combine 2 passions;  I enjoy the creativity it affords me.

Ruan – Events & Photography

Food has always been one of my passions. Growing up in a household to a Dietician mother, I never knew that food can be whimsical, interesting and for the most part very, very tasty.

Sunday afternoon television introduced me to a whole different context of what food can be. Watching Jamie Oliver in The Naked Chef driving around London with his scooter and making the most stunning dishes opened my mind to start exploring in the kitchen and start cooking and baking myself.

Unfortunately being quite a very fussy eater didn’t open the doors to too many creative ideas, luckily in the journey of becoming a food blogger I have learned just how amazing certain foods could be that just a couple of years ago I wouldn’t have the courage to try.

I’ve had a complete turnaround and now it seems impossible for me to not want to try new things, from street meats in Thailand and Africa, to finally dining in a childhood hero’s Restaurant at Jamie’s Italian I simply can’t seem to get enough.

I live in Johannesburg and travel quite a lot, so I’m very much looking forward to what I’m still to find in my expeditions around Jozi, and the world for that matter