2Scoops Ice Cream


Spring is fast approaching and that means that it is time for Ice Cream. Actually who am I kidding? It’s always Ice Cream time!

We were recently invited to the 2Scoops ice cream tasting at Nicci Boutiques in Hyde Park Corner.

13 delicious flavours awaited us; Chocolate Sea Salt, French Toast & Bacon, Strawberry Balsamic, Basil & Mint and Beetroot & Raspberry to name a few, were the order of the day.

This is not your average ice cream. All ingredients are natural. No preservatives or chemicals, and you can taste the difference. The flavours are vibrant. Lavender, beetroot, basil – I bet you never thought you would find this in your ice cream!

If you are in the Johannesburg area, try out 2Scoops and let us know which one is your favourite.

Ice cream

A bit more information on 2Scoops:

With trepidation, obstinate determination and a small amount of pure luck, 2Scoops was formed in South Africa. The two people responsible, Michele and Simon, are from very different backgrounds but share a passion and respect for the culinary upper echelons of taste and experience.


Only the freshest ingredients are used to create the intense flavours of 2Scoops craft ice cream. From vanilla pods to carefully selected coffee beans, you can rest assured that only the most natural ingredients locally available are used. Even the eggs used in some of the flavours come from chickens that are much loved and well looked after, making them truly organic. 2Scoops believes that their ice cream should be served as natural as possible and so much care is taken to ensure that all the ice creams produced has no artificial colourants and are preservative free.

Their soon to be introduced range of dairy free and sugar free ice cream will mean that everyone can enjoy a tub of deliciousness.

How to find 2Scoops 

2Scoops ice cream is currently available in 500ml or 2L tubs (snack size tubs coming soon). Watch out for their soon to be launched e-commerce website means that you will be able to place orders for 2Scoops anytime, anywhere in the Johannesburg region.

For a comprehensive price list, please visit our website or enquire on FB or e-mail michele@2scoops.co.za 

Facebook: 2ScoopsSA 

Twitter: @2ScoopsSA 

Instagram: @2ScoopsSA