With Mandela Day around the corner (it’s on Monday 18 July), we want to encourage our fellow foodies to use their talents or time to assist someone in need. Let’s all take a moment in our day to do a good dead and to share what we have.

Mandela Day

Here are a few ideas. Please let us know if you have any more to add to the list:

  1. Help serve a meal at a homeless shelter
  2. Volunteer to do errands for an elderly person – go buy their groceries, pick up their medicine or take┬áthem somewhere
  3. Set up a recycling system in your own home or office. Offer to help your neighbour with their system
  4. Create a feeder to welcome birds to your garden. Show nature a little love!
  5. Donate dog or cat food to your local animal shelter
  6. Pay for the groceries of the person ahead of you or behind you
  7. Bake cookies/cake for your local fire fighters/nurses/police
  8. Put together care kits for a homeless person – toothbrush, comb, blanket, water, snacks etc
  9. Organise a canned foods drive at your office or buy goods to put into the collection bins at a supermarket.
  10. Prepare food for a street children shelter
  11. Tip your server generously (when least expected, but deserved)
  12. Pledge to buy local – don’t buy imported food, support your local businesses
  13. Buy a canvas bag for the person behind you at the grocery store
  14. Pledge to only buy fish on the SASSI green list.